Future 52

Gadgets, technology and how they shape culture and the future is a passion of ours here at Jayro. #forrealz

After participating in the Raygun 52 project, we were thrilled to be a part of Alex Griendling’s Future 52 project. Future 52 taps current artists and designers to create pieces about what society will be like and what technology will exist in 2052. While there will inevitably be hover boards, there are many other great ideas and pieces worth your time.

Our contribution is based on the trend of wearables and the charge towards individual customization and expression through integrated technology. LED, fiber optics and conductive touch sensitivity are already getting reduced in size and integrated into threads and fabrics as evidenced by experiments like  Project Jacquard at Google. It’s only a matter of time before our love of internet cats, LULZ memes and sadness emojis can show how we’re feeling and thinking in real-time on a larger outward-facing platform.  Advertisers are going to have a field day with this!

Future 52 jayro design illustration wearables technology 2052

FLASHION™ from Jayro Design – click the image to view animation


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