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Presentation at The Creative Circus, Atlanta

Jayro was asked to review student portfolios and give a presentation to students at The Creative Circus, a post-secondary art and design school in Atlanta. It was a great opportunity to give advice, show recent work, talk about process and discuss how culture and life experiences ultimately shaped and fomented the creation of Jayro Design. It’s possible Star Wars, Marvel and a penchant for Underoos played a big part – take a look!


Cheers to the New Year from Jayro Design!

Cheers to the New Year from Jayro Design & Illustration

Best wishes to you and yours for a prosperous and productive New Year. The year is already off to a busy start here at Jayro! We’re thankful for all our great current clients, and look forward to meeting those clients we haven’t yet had the opportunity to work with. Hopefully this is the year! Let us know how we can help you look good.

Future 52

Gadgets, technology and how they shape culture and the future is a passion of ours here at Jayro. #forrealz

After participating in the Raygun 52 project, we were thrilled to be a part of Alex Griendling’s Future 52 project. Future 52 taps current artists and designers to create pieces about what society will be like and what technology will exist in 2052. While there will inevitably be hover boards, there are many other great ideas and pieces worth your time.

Our contribution is based on the trend of wearables and the charge towards individual customization and expression through integrated technology. LED, fiber optics and conductive touch sensitivity are already getting reduced in size and integrated into threads and fabrics as evidenced by experiments like  Project Jacquard at Google. It’s only a matter of time before our love of internet cats, LULZ memes and sadness emojis can show how we’re feeling and thinking in real-time on a larger outward-facing platform.  Advertisers are going to have a field day with this!

Future 52 jayro design illustration wearables technology 2052

FLASHION™ from Jayro Design – click the image to view animation


Cougartown exploratory for TBS

A recent look in the project vault revealed a fun illustration exploratory from 2012. The project was for TBS to promote the show Cougar Town in tandem with the popular snarky website, Someecards. TBS sought to illustrate Jules, Ellie and Laurie in the recognizable black-and-white-on-solid-color style of the site and pair it with a snappy quote from the show. I don’t speak latin, but I think the quote has something to do with wine.

Unfortunately these never saw the light of day, and a more traditional vintage stock illustration was used instead.

Unused illustration exploratory for Cougar Town on TBS and Someecards.

All copyrights reserved by their respective owners.

Unused illustration exploratory for Cougar Town on TBS and someecards.

All copyrights reserved by their respective owners.

someecards exploratory tbs Cougar Town

All copyrights reserved by their respective owners.


New site!

If you’ve been to the site before, you may have noticed we’ve got brand-spankin’ new digs! It’s been a busy year for Jayro, so in the midst of client projects, we’re still working on getting everything back together and new work refreshed and updated. Stay tuned for those articles.

In the meantime, take a look around and let us know your thoughts on the redesign. HUGE HUGE thanks to Jill Anderson of Jill Lynn Design who does amazing things with WordPress and getting everything to look perfect on every screen. She couldn’t have been any easier to work with. We love the new site she helped us put together!

Cheers to you and Happy Holidays from Jayro!

Wow, what a year 2014 was – and how quickly it seemed to fly by…
From helping Care Bears have fun at bedtime, to bringing park guests along on a Muppets caper through EPCOT, or helping design the experience at the 1950’s throwback resort, Cabana Bay Beach Resort at Universal Orlando, Jayro enjoyed an exciting year of projects. We are truly thankful for all the opportunities in 2014, and especially for our wonderful clients and partners. Thank you for your business, your partnership, and your support!

We hope you are able to take time to relax, celebrate, and enjoy the season at least as much as Tipsy the Elf here has.

Happy Holidays to you and yours from Jayro Design & Illustration!

Tipsy the Elf

The Pixar Times PixArt Feature

I’m honored to have been featured over at The Pixar Times this month as part of their PixArt Artists section. Each artist selects a Pixar film and interprets it in a style and manner of their choosing. I enjoyed working with one of my favorites, Toy Story, and continuing my “Bro” series that I started last Halloween. Without question, Woody and Buzz are TOTAL bro’s, yo!

Click here to check out my feature and see all the other Pixartists.

Jay Rogers Jayro design toy story bros woody buzz

Pixart Feature – Toy Story Bro’s: Woody & Buzz

New Work: Cabana Bay Beach Resort

Cabana Bay Beach Resort Motor Lobby

Image © Ricky Brigante – Inside the Magic. Used under Creative Commons license.

Jayro is excited to finally be able to announce our participation in the development of Cabana Bay Beach Resort, Universal Orlando Resort’s newest on-property hotel which opened to guests on March 31st.  Under the direction of  Wrenhouse Design, Jayro worked on designing some environmental graphics/wayfinding elements, and a majority of the print collateral including the property map, guest check-in materials, in-room directories, menus, activity guides, and official correspondence items.

All you vintage travel fiends will love it if you haven’t seen it already – the property is gorgeous and draws inspiration from US travel and recreation in the late 1950’s and 1960’s. Kudos to Universal Creative and Wrenhouse Design for a huge success on an amazing project – it was a blast working on it!
I’ll be heading down on May 9th to visit the property in person, so look for a gallery of images in a future post. In the meantime here are some images via Flickr and video from the opening weekend: