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New Work: PeopleMatter Service Videos

Jayro once again partnered with Farmer Johnson, Lance Blair and Audiocam Music to produce custom overview videos for PeopleMatter, a web-based workforce management platform. PeopleMatter came to Jayro with existing infographics that they wanted to animate to tell their story and give their prospects a better sense of their product. Jayro collaborated with PeopleMatter on the script then storyboarded and directed the animation, music and voice-over.

Ryan Glushkoff of PeopleMatter said, “Jay and his team at Jayro Design were an absolute pleasure to work with. They took care to understand who we are as a company and what message we wanted to convey. From planning to execution, they consistently over-delivered with high quality product. And most importantly, they were extremely receptive to incorporating our feedback. I would definitely recommend them and look forward to working with them again.”


PeopleMatter HIRE™ Overview from PeopleMatter on Vimeo.

PeopleMatter LEARN™ Overview from PeopleMatter on Vimeo.

PeopleMatter SCHEDULE™ Overview from PeopleMatter on Vimeo.

New Work: Working Not Working Animated GIF

The kind folks at Working Not Working invited Jayro to participate in their Friday Status Update Reminders. Every Friday, they send out a new status reminder to current members of WnotW, which is a site dedicated to linking freelance creatives with people hiring talent. As a creative, your status on the site is either “Working” (currently busy) or “Not Working” (available for new projects). Pretty simple concept, but keeping that status updated is important!

So all you cats better remember to update your status. Ya dig?